5 whys for moving Redmine to cloud

There used to be a time (in the 19th century) when companies had to produce their own electricity. There was no other supply. It was the same with Redmine.

Companies hosted Redmine by themselves because there was no secure and relevant hosting available. However, times have changed – in both cases. Today is the time for Redmine Cloud. Why? Here are 5 answers.

Higher security in the global cloud

SSL-protected, daily backed-up Redmine with last-30-days backups. Available globally on standardized (Docker) server environment. Do you have this on your Redmine server? Are you sure your essential data are well treated?

Maybe yes, however, with Easy Redmine Cloud you have all these guaranteed by contract and a company with a 70-strong staff. More importantly by, global cloud with a guarantee of 1-hour recovery in the case of hardware or any other crash. Better safe than sorry. What do you think?

Improved speed and 100% connectivity

It used to be a benefit to have Redmine "in-house". However as users grow, people telecommute and travel, systems are more often accessed by external partners or users, it is better to move it onto a backbone network with maximal speed and connectivity.

Easy Redmine Cloud is now deployed globally, so companies all over the world may enjoy benefits of having it hosted on a 100%-available backbone network within their geolocation.

Up-to-date & stable Redmine

We know that keeping software up-to-date may be a headache for system administrators. And that is exactly why they often fail to do it. That is unfortunate, since there may be nice improvements or repaired bugs in the new versions. Not to mention security problems that may arise.

With Easy Redmine Cloud you are sure, your Easy Redmine is always up-to-date software with the newest features and minimum bugs. This is the best way how to support your business. Having a sharp and performing information system.

Redmine Global Cloud map

Redmine Global Cloud map

Happy system admins thanks to VIP solutions

System admins usually run numerous software and applications on their servers and sometimes it is difficult to recognize the ones that matter most. As a result, Redmine may become just one from many. And this is something you definitely do not want to happen.

With Easy Redmine Cloud you get exactly what you deserve. A private cloud (managed server solution) with VIP support may be what you are looking for. Your Redmine will get unique care and system resources and your server administrator will have one less problem. Good news for everyone!

Improved user experience thanks to Easy Redmine

Basic Redmine is surely great thanks to its flexibility - custom fields, roles & permissions and filters. However, as talk goes about its UX and UI it is not so positive. Why not get the maximum from this great Open Source?

And that is what Easy Redmine brings you. It is 100% Redmine with improved UX and integrated must-have features, such as Gantt, project templates, chat, quick planner, dashboards and more. Having happy users is something that everybody wants. So, what are you thinking about?

Move your Redmine to cloud to get security, performance and improved UX with new great features!

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