Redmine Business Intelligence - how it can benefit your business?

With the arrival of the last version 2018.1.3, Easy Redmine has delivered a big stack of news like never before. One is the most important ones is called Business Intelligence. Find out how you and your business can benefit from using this amazing tool.

What is Business Intelligence

Under the label "Business Intelligence" (BI), one can imagine virtually any kind of tool, which is capable of transforming existing data into actionable knowledge (intelligence) related to business. Or even just the result of such a process - the knowledge itself.

Naturally, good organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions should always be supported by such knowledge in the background. However, any information of business value needs to be found first.

And that's exactly why we have added BI plugin into Easy Redmine - to help our customers find answers of business value. What exactly is meant by this?

Answers you can get with Redmine BI plugin include:

  • Which products, projects or services are the most profitable
  • Which GEO markets are the most profitable
  • Find out the golden segments – geo & product combination
  • Get insights into your Google Ads campaign spendings (formerly AdWords)
  • Reveal current business trends using a comparison with the previous time periods

Easy Redmine 2018 - Business Intelligence - main menu

Easy Redmine 2018 - Business Intelligence - main menu

How Redmine BI plugin works

Redmine BI plugin accesses and analyzes your existing data sets stored in Easy Redmine + it can retrieve data stored outside in Google Ads service.

It makes it easy to get real-time business insights using Easy Redmine Business Dashboards where you can connect your personal costs, other costs, revenues, CRM, Google Ads campaign costs, and other important business information into one dashboard.

The analytical findings are presented in the form of reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, and charts to provide you with detailed intelligence about the state of your business.

The resulting business information includes:

  • Revenues based on your accounting or Easy Invoicing plugin
  • Customer data from your CRM or Easy CRM plugin
  • Personal costs based on time tracking and internal hourly rates
  • Other costs imported into Easy Budgets
  • Google Ads campaign costs (formerly AdWords)


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Who can benefit from Redmine BI plugin

The plugin is useful for any company that sells more products or services on one or more markets. Easy Business Intelligence provides easy geographical and product ROI analysis – tells you what segments have the highest profitability: ROI = Revenues/Costs (Google Ads, Payroll, other costs).

Analyzed Easy Redmine entities include:

  • Budget costs (Budgets plugin required)
  • Budget personal costs (Budgets plugin required)
  • Budget revenues (Budgets plugin required)
  • Invoicing revenues (Invoicing plugin required)
  • Google Ads costs
  • Spent time
  • CRM activities (CRM plugin required)

Analyzed business segments include:

  • Project
  • Country
  • Product
  • Milestone
  • User
  • Sprint

Easy Redmine 2018 - Business dashboards - global filters above dashboards

Easy Redmine 2018 - Business dashboards - global filters above dashboards

How can I get Business Intelligence

To get Redmine BI plugin and have it running properly, just follow these steps:

  • Buy Business Intelligence plugin for Easy Redmine 2018
  • Get Business Implementation service – 100 hours á 60 € = 6000 €
  • Connect Google Ads (maybe you will need to improve campaigns structure)
  • Set-up Easy Redmine entities (Payroll, Invoicing, CRM) to calculate ROI

The BI implementation scope includes:

  • Analysis of scope & preparation of Easy Redmine
  • BI dashboards import & configuration
  • Segmentation implementation - BI set-up & custom fields to connect the entities
  • Data consolidation & import
  • Google Ads connection
  • Documentation, training, handover

Easy Redmine 2018 - Business Intelligence - plugin settings

Easy Redmine 2018 - Business Intelligence - plugin settings

To learn more about Redmine BI plugin, please read the feature article and knowledge post.


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