Redmine BI, Scheduler & CBS are here

The new version of Easy Redmine 2018.1.3 just released.

Explore the new most wanted features & plugins in one Redmine upgrade and take your Redmine projects to a whole new level.






Easy Redmine Mobile

Easy to set up

Redmine set-up is easy thanks to predefined roles & dashboards.

Private customizations


Dashboards, advanced settings, and templates make customizations easy.

Global Cloud

Quick & secure

Global cloud and server solutions ensure the best performance.

Easy Integration


Enhanced API, XML & XLSx imports and Zapier make integration easy.









What's new?

New plugins

  • Business Intelligence – all key data, metrics and KPIs about your projects & business on a single well-arranged screen
  • Scheduler – having control over your tasks, meetings, attendance and resources on a single calendar screen

New features

Power of Open Source

Easy Redmine has grown from the Redmine community and has been developed to perfection for over 7 years by a dedicated team of Easy Software engineers. Our goal is to make Easy Redmine the best Open Source solution for project management.





Detailed specification of Easy Redmine 2018.1.3 update

Business Intelligence

BI brings you important insights and overviews of your projects and company performance.

The most important ROI in a particular business segment can be viewed by product / project / country and it's calculated based on:

  • incomes & revenues (invoicing)
  • project earnings
  • project costs
  • personal costs (spent time X hourly rates)
  • other costs
  • CRM data
  • campaign cost (Google Adwords connection)

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Easy Redmine 2018 - Zoom

Cost Breakdown Structure = CBS

See & manage projects and tasks finances in visual WBS (also known as "project mind map"). Just display your projects costs, revenues, profit - both in plan and reality!

The CBS is a cost allocation to the lowest level of the Work Breakdown Structure and it is used to continuously compare the actual costs with the budget, and integrate to the cost control system.

On top of that, you can create new entries easily right in the mind map.

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Easy Redmine 2018 - Org structures visualization


Basically, it's calendar that allows you to allocate your tasks while taking estimated time into account. Tasks can be easily distributed thanks to a drag & drop feature.

It makes daily working much easier for both workers and managers. Managers can use it as a tool for task allocation of teams and subordinates.

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Easy Redmine 2018 - Org structures visualization

Agile improvements


  • New quick planner when you are planning in a backlog
  • A search function in a backlog
  • Smart sprint check = automatic control of planned time vs. resource capacity
  • Improved and more intuitive drag & drop function in a Scrum Board


Easy Redmine 2018 – Agile Improvements

Resource Management Reservations

The Resource Management most wanted feature is here. Custom drag & drop reservations without assigning a specific task or project.

Plan your resources like never before and simply create future custom reservations – easy, simple and quick.

Resource Management Reservations

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