Redmine Chat plugin for quick communication


For the easiest team communication.
Stay in touch with your colleagues, remote teams and work-from-home employees.
If you demand effective teamwork and collaboration, this extension is right for you.


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Easy Redmine Chat plugin


Redmine Chat plugin Redmine Chat plugin


100% Open Source Plugin / GNU GPL 2 License / 1 Redmine Instance / Unlimited Users / Unlimited Projects
Compatible with Redmine 3.2x, 3.3.x, 3.4.x, 4.x

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Features of Free version

  • Easy access - from the right part of service panel
  • Notifications - get visual or/and sound notification when someone sends you message
  • History - communication is auto-saved and easily accessible
  • Searchability - fast user-attainability thanks to "whisperer"
  • Availability - both for Redmine and Easy Redmine

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More about features of Redmine Chat plugin

Accelerate your communication

Communication via chat is an optimal way of nonverbal communication when you need to figure out something with your colleague, team member, coordinator, etc. It is proofed that via chat you can receive a response much faster in comparison to regular e-mail.

Redmine Chat plugin - Conversation list

Easy access

When the plugin is activated and enabled for your user role, you should see the specific chat icon in the sidebar (Easy Redmine) or down on the page (Redmine). Clicking on it will open the list of several last conversations you´ve had with other users.

Redmine Chat plugin - Conversation detail


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When a new message arrives, the chat icon turns red, starts flashing and showing the number of new messages. Moreover, each incoming message is accompanied by a sound signal and pop-up notification in all modern browsers able to show notifications from websites.

Redmine Chat plugin - Full conversation history


To start chatting with a new user, just type his name into the search field and press "Enter" key or click on the magnifier icon on the right. Next to each user's name, there is a user status indicating whether he/she is currently online, offline, at home office, on vacation, etc.

Redmine Chat plugin - Roles and permissions

Open chat history in one click

Everybody knows this situation - desperately looking for an information from the past communication. Yes, we all been there. But Redmine Chat has history available right from its interface level. It's the ultimate feature that will help you out again and again.

Redmine Chat plugin - Icon

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