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Install & upgrade Redmine with no effort 

This step by step Installer & Upgrader is the best solution for any custom Redmine installation. It helps you to keep your Redmine updated with no effort.

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Redmine VMware with pre-installed plugins (Easy Gantt + Easy WBS ) 

This is Virtual Machine (VMware) package with basic Redmine and free versions of Easy plugins - Easy Gantt Chart + Easy WBS - Mind Maps plugin. Enjoy Redmine with the user's most favorite plugins.

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Redmine tutorials

Short, easy & free videos - Redmine tutorials teach you how to efficiently use plugins and reach better project management - proven by more than +70.000 subscribers.

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E-books about Redmine!

They are free but full of valuable information. E-books about Redmine in PDF format. Your step by step guide through Redmine open source software.

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5 Tips Every Redmine User Should Know - e-book download

Redmine Implementation CookBook - e-book download

Redmine HelpDesk CookBook - e-book download



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Are you an Open Source project? Contact our sales for free Easy Redmine - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - We are happy to serve you!

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Favorite Redmine Video Tutorials


Redmine Gantt plugin - video

Redmine Gantt Plugin

How to install Redmine plugin tutorial screenshot

How to install Redmine plugin

Redmine Resource Management plugin

Redmine Resource Management Plugin

Redmine Plugin Generator

Redmine Plugin Generator

Easy Redmine 2018

Easy Redmine 2018

Redmine WBS plugin

Redmine WBS Plugin

Redmine Earned Value Management

Redmine Earned Value Management

Redmine Chat

Redmine Chat

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