SoftBank Robotics Corp. uses Easy Redmine as a part of DevOps tool chain in order to increase performance in development and operation to fit the speed of business. Easy Redmine manages some hundred users, some hundred projects, and over 10,000 tickets to support business, system planning, and collaboration in development and operation. It also contributes to build software planning, software build, continuous integration, deployment, operation, continuous feedback and agile development cycle.

Why you introduce Easy Redmine?

First, we used Redmine + some plugins at each team. We planned to icrease the spped of lifecycle among DevOps teams and began to compare several DevOps tools. We found Easy Redmine and its options easily achieve our objectives that accelerate each process and seamless collaboration and decided to introduce at SoftBank Robotics.


Most cool features in Easy Redmine and the reasons why you think so

Graphing features of Easy Redmine can visualize lots of things by easy settings. We visualize and analyze KPI such as the number of tickets, man-hour management and financial management. Everybody in the teams can do this on the same platform without introducing another visual analysis tool and we feel this easiness helps very effective tasks. SoftBank Robotics has international teams in Japan, the U.S., France and China, and many people join projects globally. Easy Redmine and our customized parts can support multiple languages and we think we do seamless operation in other regions.

What features do you use most?

Most used feature is SCRUM board. We use it as a tool for improving productivity in developing and quality and enhance teamwork. We think the tool is very useful to get maximum result from teams.


Do you have customized functions by yourselves?

Redmine as a standard. We use them as a collaboration tool by integrating GitLab, Slack and Google services. We built the integration with many cloud services and improve productivity without any coding.

Result and effects

The automated flow is integrated with lots of cloud services without coding and we could utilize each functionalities in order to improve productivity. Integrating intranet and Easy Redmine visualizes and centralizes requirements and problems from business side. It also accelerate assignment and response.


Future vision / Requests for future Easy Redmine

We plan to improve productivity more in global by using Kubernetes in system development and by promoting micro service according to business expantion. We also think to integrate Easy Redmine and other DevOps tools, to accelerate automation and, and to build suitable environment. One of our requests for the product is to diaplay over all workflow in one UI/UX. Another request is to show overall processes to goals by ticket-basis. Easy Remine has “easy button” to automomate tasks, but it is better that buttons can synchronize status and project members and can update fixed text comment at the same time.



Field: robotics
Employees: 1000+
Current applications: Redmine
Implementation in: 2019

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