Try this Easy Redmine bundle for management of company leads and organization of contacts using CRM and Contacts management plugins. Boost sales performance, track potential clients from lead to the contract and easily link contacts to projects, tasks and synchronize them with your other devices. 

CRM - management of sales activities

Manage your sales activities and delivery your projects using only Easy Redmine solution. Easy Redmine CRM allows your sales team to track their cases from lead to contract, generates performance statistics and helps to boost your overall sales performance.

Key features:

  • Management of CRM cases
  • Case statuses & other custom fields
  • Integration with invoicing
  • User-defined statistics
  • Creation of CRM cases from web forms, online stores


Easy Redmine Contacts plugin is integrated with projects and CRM and can be linked to projects, tasks, CRM cases or used for invoicing. Contacts are always available in the right service panel and can be synchronized with your mobile or other devices via CardDav.

Key features:

  • Types of contacts – person/company/account
  • Contacts can be linked to tasks, projects, CRM cases, users
  • Contact search and a „new contact“ button is in the right service panel
  • Synchronization with other devices

Lead generation

Convert your website visitors into prospective leads. How? You need to attract them! Besides excellent content and design, users also value interactive content  and that's what Calculoid can do for you. 

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With Calculoid you can easily create interactive calculators (finance, ROI, health, payment, quote, etc.) and embed them into your website. Once a user submits the form on your website, filled in data are instantly sent to your Easy Redmine, where a lead is created and is ready for follow up.

Calculators can be embedded anywhere online and easily connected to your information system using REST API webhooks.



E-commerce solution

Convert your website visitors into paying customers. Easy Redmine is fully integrated with Calculoid that allows you to accept Stripe (Visa, MasterCard) and Paypal Payments. 

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In Calculoid you can easily create a price & payment calculator for your products or services and embed your calculator anywhere on the web. After calculating the price and clicking "Pay" button, the user is redirected to the payment gateway and order is automatically saved in your Easy Redmine - in the desired project, with a tracker, status, priority, assignee or any other custom field.

By using Calculoid you can streamline your sales process with self-service pricing calculators and online payments.



Sales director dashboard

Predefined personal dashboard suitable for Sales director role is designed to provide at-a-glance awareness of current performance relevant to sales management.

Key features:

  • Sales dashboard

  • Contacts

  • Sales activity race

  • Overall forecast

  • Overall sales performance

Sales representative dashboard

Predefined personal dashboard suitable for Sales representative role is designed to provide at-a-glance awareness of current performance relevant to sales operation.

Key features:

  • Sales dashboard

  • My forecast

  • My finished deals

  • Contacts

  • Sales activity race

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